Acute Care Advice

The ED4GP telehealth pilot has been suspended due to COVID-19. Unfortunately while this is potentially a useful time for telehealth services in general, our Specialists are uniquely trained to lead the face to face response. Their increased commitments at the front line has meant we were unable to guarantee service provision for telehealth.

We thank all our GPs who who referred patients during our pilot – we were able to provide great benefits to our patients and support to GPs. We will provide more information about this in due course.

For now, we highly recommend you utilise our free Acute Care Guidelines provided by our Acute Care Experts. This site provides a wealth of resources to assist clinicians dealing with patients presenting with Acute, Sub-Acute and “Acute on Chronic” clinical presentations. This includes COVID-19 Resources!

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Acute Care Experts also provide:

Acute Care Guidelines

Clinical guidelines to assist doctors in a range of Acute Care environments such as in ED, the GP clinic, Urgent Care and in the field.

Acute Care Education

The Acute Care Experts provide training sessions for clinicians to help them manage difficult acute patient presentations and emergencies that present in diverse clinical environments, including hospitals, GP clinics and “in the field”.